Summer Math Institute Workshop


High School Teachers' Workshop

Dates: June 27-28 and July 1-2, 2019 

This program runs presentations for high school mathematics teachers interested in how high school mathematics is applied in university-level math and industrial professions. The RIT School of Mathematical Sciences is pleased to invite high school math teachers to join industry and university professionals for four days of presentations and networking.

 In addition, the “Alliance of Mathematical Educators at RIT”, holds multiple events year-round, dedicated to mathematical and industrial seminars that can be connected and applied to mathematics education.

Complete the online application today. Registration fee is $25.


The SMI presentations provide high school mathematics teachers with answers and insight into the following questions:

  • What math should high school graduates know to succeed in college?

Members of the RIT community and other universities can provide the teachers with a set of prerequisite skills they deem most significant in the success of students in the courses they teach. These interactions can also shed light on where students are currently struggling as well as interesting ways in which their high school mathematical skills are used in the sciences, engineering and other fields of study. 

  • What math should college graduates know to succeed professionally?

Industrial leaders, researchers, co-op students, REU students and government agents will be instrumental in articulating their needs when hiring new employees. These individuals will bring examples of how high school mathematics has been/can be used in their field and what their prospective employees need to know to be successful. 

  • How can high school teachers help their students better learn this math?

Through communications from experienced teachers and leaders in education research and practice, the teachers can explore and share their methods and techniques that encourage student centered learning, engagement and success. The teachers will be provided with and develop many sample activities that can be used in their classrooms that emphasize the applications of the  subject matter. 

Types of Sessions
  • Industrial leaders speak about high school mathematics in their fields
  • University faculty lead workshops and presentations on high school mathematics in their curriculum
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students offer their experiences with high school mathematics in research, course-work and co-ops
  • Panel discussions incorporating the need for high school math in universities and industries
  • Round table discussions offering collaboration among the participants
  • Tours of various labs and centers across campus
  • Workshops focused on curriculum development in mathematics applications