Decision Analysis Lab

The Decision Analysis Lab is a specialized multi-use learning space for use by GIS/RIT students and the wider community. It is equipped with four projectors, a JBL sound system, Smart Podium, IdeaPaint, and a Smart Board.

Projection technology installed here enables an immersive 3D experience to gain better understanding of ideas that are otherwise difficult to visualize. Stakeholders, members of the community, and others can be brought together here to make decisions about sustainability related issues such as land-use and development. Participants are able to visualize 3D simulations of the present and possible future outcomes of their decisions. Using remote responders, they can register decisions, answer questions, or vote. Results can be instantly displayed in a variety of formats, such as graphs or tables.

This technology can also be useful to faculty members when delivering lectures and other presentations. For example, immediate feedback will enable them to assess comprehension and adjust teaching styles for increased understanding and engagement.

When this space is not being used as a Decision Analysis Lab, it can double as a state-of-the-art computer lab or classroom. Equipment includes projectors, a Dolby sound system, a smart podium, IdeaPaint dry-erase wall surfaces, and a smart board.


Sustainability Institute Hall (SUS/building 81), room 2240


24/7 swipe access