Sustainable Office Certification

The Sustainable Office Program is a point-based, voluntary assessment tool that offices can use to examine their current practices, identify opportunities to improve sustainability performance, and get recognized for your efforts.


70% - 100%


50% - 69%


30% - 49%

There are three levels of certification and scoring is based on the percentage of possible points earned.

Through this assessment, offices will examine practices related to energy and water consumption, waste generation, purchasing practices, travel choices, and wellbeing. There is also an opportunity for innovation credits. Certification levels are Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

RIT Sustainability is proud to announce our currentĀ certified offices:

BetterMe- Gold
University Advancement- Silver
Residence Life- Silver
Student Development- Silver
Office of the President, Eastman Floor 7- Silver

Getting Certified

  • Download the Sustainable Office Checklist

  • Identify a Sustainable Office Champion, who will be the main point of contact between your office and RIT Sustainability.

  • Complete the checklist. There are resource guides available to help you.

  • Email your completed checklist to for review

  • Get certified and brag about it!