Featured Events

Featured Events


Summer Events

Looking for something to do this summer? 

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Community Gardening
Every at the Community Garden (located behind Gene Polisseni Center)
Come volunteer with us at the community garden and learn about the joys of growing your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Tools will be provided - just come in some clothes you don't mind getting a little dirt on and get ready to prepare the garden!

Goodbye, Goodbuy! Summer Volunteering

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Goodbye, Goodbuy! Fall Sale Volunteering
Thursday, August 15th to Thursday, August 22nd.
Goodbye, Goodbuy! is back for the season! Every year, during the spring semester, student leaders and volunteers collect usable items from students during move-out week. These items are then sold to incoming students during our fall move-in sale. Help support this program and prevent usable items from sitting in landfills!

Fall Events

FoodShare: Corner Kitchen - Cooking Demo
Thursday, September 19, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. at FoodShare West (Riverknoll location)
Looking for a fun way to partake in Fall Fest by getting a free meal and cooking demo? Come learn about FoodShare while enjoying a tasty treat on us as we work with RIT Dining and Sustainability to host a vegetarian friendly meal demonstration! 





Upcoming Sustainability Events on Campus Groups
Find more upcoming events on Campus Groups under the Sustainability Events Tag.

students making DIY scrubs

Wellness Walks and DIY Activities

The Sustainability Wellness Team organizes wellness walks and DIY activities throughout the school year.

Speaker at podium

Climate Speaker Series

Every spring RIT hosts a Climate Change speaker who covers various aspects of climate change from the science behind it to environmental justice issues that are resulting from it. Previous speakers have included Aaron Mair and Dr. James Hansen.


Professional Development Opportunities

Sustainability in Practice: RIT is committed to employing best-in-class sustainable practices within university operations and achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. But what are sustainable practices, how will RIT become carbon neutral, and what is the role of staff members in advancing these commitments? RIT recognizes the need for all staff to become better equipped to lead sustainable change within their departments. This session, provides an introduction to sustainability and provides resources to facilitate sustainable behavior change. Participants will learn how RIT is responding to this grand challenge, and will explore tools and strategies for enacting sustainable practices within your unit and everyday work.

Exploring the Intersections of Equity, Sustainability and the Environmental Movement: Sustainability is about more than recycling, planting trees, energy efficiency and cool green technology – it is about ensuring that all people live in harmony with their natural environment. In this workshop, we will explore the intersections of sustainability, diversity, and justice, and cover topics such as human health and wellness, access to resources, and environmental justice. Participants will learn how structural racism, sexism and classism contributes to environmental degradation, and how certain individuals are more vulnerable than others to its harmful impacts. Examples from RIT and the greater Rochester community will be shared, and participants will discuss ways to create meaningful dialogue and social change within campus and beyond.

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Have an idea for an event?

Let us know if you have an idea for a sustainability related event that you’d like to help organize.