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50th Anniversary of the Henrietta Campus

In 2018, RIT will celebrate 50 years at its modern campus in the town of Henrietta, NY. Under the leadership of Mark Ellingson, who served as RIT president for 33 years (1936 to 1969), RIT moved from downtown Rochester to the newly-built Henrietta campus in 1968. The university is celebrating this milestone with yearlong activities from July 2018 to June 2019. This includes RIT/NTID 50th Anniversary Reunion andspecial ceremonies and events during Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend, October 19-21, 2018.

About the Move to Henrietta and Why     

50 Acts of Kindness

As part of RIT’s celebration of 50 years at the Henrietta campus, we invite students, faculty, staff, and alumni to embrace their roles as citizens of the global community by participating in the 50 Acts of Kindness initiative. 

Memories of Downtown Campus

RIT Downtown Campus

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  • I visited the new campus one time for about an hour with a gang of classmates from the downtown campus. It was probably in 1965 or earlier. What we saw was rough terrain, possibly some construction.

    Downtown, the SAC building was across the street from the skating rink and the women's dorm building. There was a street named Goldsmith's Alley in front of the SAC building. That building...

    Metalsmith, Judaica designer
  • When I reflect back to 1968 and our move to the “New Campus” I remember feeling like many others; how can we leave the “old campus”, what about the Past Time, what about shopping at Midtown, what about all the beautiful historic buildings that contained offices, classrooms and labs; all the hustle and bustle of a downtown campus would all be gone!

    Well, we had to let go of those...

    Manager of Staff Recruitment / Human Resource Manager
  • Everyone had moved to the new campus in September ’68 except the School of Art and Design, and the School for American Craftsman students. Our building was finally ready in January '69. We tagged furniture, files and art work before leaving for the Christmas break. When we returned, all was in Booth Hall on the new campus! White walls, huge rooms and pristine floors were a treat! Such a...

    Professor Emeritus, former College of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Big Shot 4, December 8, 1990, of the Gannett Building stands out as a great memory at RIT. The first Big Shot on campus, students played a tremendous role in this one because of the need to run the halls to keep the motion sensor lights on. I videotaped the Big Shot for my senior thesis documentary about a year in the life of RIT. 32 Big Shots later, RIT has been featured 5 times and stand as...

    CIAS alumnus
  • Early in the 1988-89 school year, the student government vice president, Eric Senna, proposed that RIT have a life-size tiger statue as a symbol of school spirt. Eric located Dr. D.H.S. “Duff" Wehle, who was establishing a career as a wildlife sculptor . Impressed by the student enthusiasm for the idea, and wanting to expand his reputation as a sculptor, he agreed to do the project at a deeply...

    Former VP of Student Affairs, Secretary of the Institute
  • Looking in the rearview mirror…

    The RIT 1954 yearbook, called Techmila, has always been a special nostalgia place for me. Memories come rushing back of a day when RIT was a very different place. Then it was small Rochester trade school preparing students to work in local industries like Eastman Kodak and Gleason Works. The school was aspiring to become something bigger…an institute of...

    Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design
  • I was the son of Burton Stratton, who was head of all evening programs in the 1940’s and 1950’s. My first real memory is that of going into the Eastman Annex and going into the office of a lady who showed us the construction underway of the Clark Building. This new building was to house the mechanical, printing and photography departments. It was a lot of fun to watch the construction...

    Former Associate Dean, CAST
  • So many new buildings have emerged, housing advanced labs, studios, research endeavors, and student gathering venues.  After 25 years of participating in and observing all of this, what I hold dearest, however, are the camaraderie and sense of family permeating the RIT campus community and the community at large.  In so many inner cities, such as Boston where my parents grew up, there is no...

    RIT President Emeritus

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