Alumni in the news

Recent highlights of media coverage of RIT alumni

March 2015

  • RIT hockey increases student, alumni pride
    Democrat and Chronicle, March 28 (Link)
  • Running a firm in a world without sound
    W. Scot Atkins, assistant professor of business studies, and Bob Green '75 (art and design), featured, Democrat and Chronicle, March 28 (Link)
  • Rochester clicks for young professionals
    Greg Cunneyworth '09 (graphic design) featured, City Newspaper, March 25 (Link)
  • Canucks sign defenseman Tanev to five-year contract
    RIT mentioned,, March 24 (Link)
  • Two firms moving under START-UP NY
    Democrat and Chronicle, March 23 (Link)
  • Two area firms join Start-Up NY through RIT
    Rochester Business Journal, March 23 (Link)
  • Make packaging success a team effort
    Amy Zettlemoyer-Lazar '98 (packaging science) featured, Packaging Digest, March 18 (Link)
  • RIT runners set for 1,400-mile trek to raise tiger awareness
    Democrat and Chronicle, March 18 (Link)
  • Second-generation success at Royal Dynasty
    Jessica Yuan '12 (hospitality and service management) featured, Democrat and Chronicle, March 17 (Link)
  • City program offers residents a 'Fresh Start'
    Lomax Campbell '08, '09 (new media marketing, MBA) quoted, Democrat and Chronicle, March 17 (Link)
  • In Rockville, gaming grows GRLL power
    Jessica Dommes '11 (game design and development) featured,, March 16 (Link)
  • Kate Gleason was behind ER's Concrest development
    RIT mentioned, Democrat and Chronicle, March 11 (Link)
  • Making customized motorcycle engines becomes 'labor of love'
    Aniket Vardhan '02 (industrial design) featured, The Columbus Dispatch, March 10 (Link)
  • Game developers, critics share experiences at #1ReasonToBe panel
    Sela Davis '08, '11 (information technology and game design and development) quoted, Business Insider, March 5 (Link)
  • Get Up Close and Personal with Beautiful Snowflakes
    Michael Peres, professor and associate chair, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, featured , Time, March 5 (Link)
  • Women in Business Q&A: Betty Noonan, Chief Marketing Officer, Cree
    Betty Noonan '97 (MBA) featured, The Huffington Post, March 5 (Link)
  • ClearCove, Precision Optical join START-UP NY
    RIT mentioned, Rochester Business Journal, March 4 (Link)
  • How the dense grids of artist Charles Gaines took the ego out of art
    Charles Gaines '67 (art and design) featured, Los Angeles Times, March 3 (Link)

February 2015

  • Engineering students provide a new source of ideas in Roswell Park program
    Lauren Samar, third-year biomedical engineering major, featured; Yana Hammond '09 (medical illustration) and Daniel Phillips, department head, biomedical engineering, mentioned, The Buffalo News, February 28 (Link)
  • The Place Beyond the Known
    John Yost '04 (film and animation) featured, Metroland, February 26 (Link)
  • Pictometry co-founder joins high tech startup
    Venture Creations company featured, Democrat and Chronicle, February 23 (Link)
  • A Hyperrealism That Questions Reality With James Zamora and Sarah Atlee at RO2 Art
    Sarah Atlee '06 (fine arts studio) featured, The Huffington Post, February 20 (Link)
  • Hot Jobs: Information systems manager
    Aldwin Maloto '02, '09 (management information systems, MBA) featured, Democrat and Chronicle, February 20 (Link)
  • Do it! Aerial fitness offers midair workout
    Jennifer D'Ovidio '08 (applied arts and sciences) and William D'Ovidio '08 (professional photographic illustration) featured, Democrat and Chronicle, February 19 (Link)
  • How I Work: Sunlight Labs Director James Turk
    James Turk '08 (computer science) featured, DC, February 19 (Link)
  • A lifetime behind the lens: Greensburg resident called 'Mr. Kodak'
    Terry Deglau '64 (photography) featured, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, February 15 (Link)
  • RIT releases 'A.V.' student-developed video game on Steam
    Henrietta Post, February 13 (Link)
  • Datto: The Secret Tech Money-Making Machine You've Never Heard Of
    Austin McChord '09 (bioinformatics) featured,, February 11 (Link)
  • The future of film
    Willie Osterman, professor and program chair, fine art photography, featured, City Newspaper, February 11 (Link)
  • Bruce Davidson's Ode to Color Photography
    Bruce Davidson '54 (photography) featured, Time, February 10 (Link)
  • Tonawanda company out to make food waste a power source
    Scott Ernst '93 (mechanical engineering technology) featured, Buffalo Business First, February 9 (Link)
  • Beauty, elegance inspire Joanna Poag's creations
    Joanna Poag '13 (ceramics and ceramic sculpture) featured, Democrat and Chronicle, February 9 (Link)
  • Spa City native's Cidery takes Flight
    Scott Donovan '83 (business administration) featured, The Saratogian, February 8 (Link)
  • RIT Tangent Takes Lead in Formula Search Engine Racing
    Campus Technology, February 5 (Link)
  • Meet One of New York City's First Deaf Uber Drivers
    Pin Lu '11, '12 (accounting technology, business administration accounting) featured, The Wall Street Journal, February 1 (Link)

January 2015

  • Rochester-area colleges see donations boost
    Lisa Cauda, vice president, development and alumni relations, quoted, Democrat and Chronicle, January 28 (Link)
  • Watch 'Bob's Burgers'? Now You Can Eat Them, Too
    Cole Bowden '13 (mechanical engineering) featured, National Public Radio, January 27 (Link)
  • Biz Bites: New faces at Hazlitt, Glenora wineries
    Stephanie Jarvis '09 (business administration) featured, Star-Gazette, January 26 (Link)
  • Deaf rapper Sean Forbes makes himself joyfully heard on the hip-hop scene
    Sean Forbes '08 (applied arts and sciences) featured, The Washington Post, January 25 (Link)
  • Where Buffalo's millennials work
    Eric Edwards '09 (mechanical engineering technology) featured, The Buffalo News, January 25 (Link)
  • Meet The Man Behind Microsoft's Ambitious Vision For The Future Of Computing
    Alex Kipman '01 (software engineering) featured, Business Insider, January 25 (Link)
  • Slow Road takes speedy path to success
    Benjamin Woelk '11 (professional studies) featured, James Myers, associate provost of international education and global programs, quoted, Rochester Business Journal, January 23 (Link)
  • The master of hallucination behind Microsoft's HoloLens also invented Kinect
    Alex Kipman '01 (software engineering) featured, Upstart, January 22 (Link)
  • Microsoft in the Age of Satya Nadella
    Alex Kipman '01 (software engineering) featured, Wired, January 21 (Link)
  • NCAA Convention keynote places college athletes at the forefront
    Chelsea Shoemaker '13 (international business) featured,, January 15 (Link)
  • "Latency" by Jihwan Park
    Jihwan Park '14 (fine arts studio) featured, City Newspaper, January 14 (Link)
  • Showing your stuff
    Rion Rizzo ('80, professional photography) quoted, Healthcare Design, January 13 (Link)
  • Human resources managers in demand
    Fernan Cepero '96 (instructional technology) featured, Democrat and Chronicle, January 12 (Link)
  • Artist proof: The Print Club of Rochester turns 85 years old
    Adam Werth '06 (fine arts studio) featured, City Newspaper, January 7 (Link)
  • Forbes' 30 under 30
    Austin McChord '09 (bioinformatics) featured,, January 6 (Link)
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