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RIT covers volumes of discussion on future 
of reading

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The changing art of reading is the focus of RIT’s Future of Reading, a symposium to be held from June 9-12 across the university. Keynote speakers are Margaret Atwood, award-winning author of more than 40 books, and Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson. The event is co-sponsored by RIT’s School of Print Media and RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press. It will feature presentations by experts in writing systems, content creation, vision and cognition, typography, visual media and display technology.

The Future of Reading will offer discussion focusing on three central themes: reading and writing, media and technology, and science and the art of literacy. Notable guest speakers include Johanna Drucker of University of California at Los Angeles Information Studies, Amit Ray of RIT Literary and Cultural Studies, 
N. Katherine Hayles of Duke University, Denis Pelli of New York University, Kris Holmes of Bigelow & Holmes typography, and author 
and linguist Robert Bringhurst.