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How I Spent Summer 2013

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Carissa Arceri

For many in the RIT community, the perfect summer cocktail is a unique mix of travel, research, community service and other projects. Here’s a look at what a few RIT students and faculty members were engaged in this summer.

Reconnecting with her faith

Carissa Arceri, a junior in management information systems at Saunders College of Business, spent 10 days in Israel in June where she explored an underground cave that was once a shelter during the Holocaust, floated in the Dead Sea and explored the ancient fortified cliffs of Massada. “Israel was amazing and beautiful; I met friendly people from other universities and I reconnected with my religious side,” she says.

Oh, baby!

Hinda Mandell, assistant professor of communication in RIT’s College of Liberal Arts, gave birth to her first child, Mirabelle, on June 20. In addition to her foray into parenthood, Mandell spent her summer preparing online curriculum for mass communications and multi-platform journalism courses.She also wrapped up work on a documentary film, The Upside Down Book.

Biomedical engineering students in Guatemala

While growing up, Melissa Mendoza, a second-year biomedical engineering student, had known family friend Dr. Randall Lou-Meda and his work with Fundanier, the Guatemalan Foundation for Children with Kidney Diseases. But it wasn’t until she began her studies in engineering at RIT that she realized she might be able to contribute to his work preventing kidney disease in young children. This summer, Mendoza and classmates Andrew Wetjen and Erik Freeman traveled to Guatemala working to troubleshoot technical problems with medical equipment and address internal processes and supply coordination.

Body parts and best sellers

Jim Perkins created and updated medical illustrations for the ninth edition of Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease. “I’ve done all of the artwork for the last four editions of this book, dating back nearly 20 years,”says Perkins, co-director of the medical illustration program, with joint appointments in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences and the College of Health Sciences and Technology. Having a penchant for the southwest, Perkins and his daughter, Olivia, spent weeks touring national parks. Perkins also “flipped”his computer graphics curriculum, clearing class time for interactive teaching and activities.


Carissa Arceri


Jim Perkins


Hinda Mandell