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New Student Government president cracks code for student success

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Ashley Carrington

Ashley Carrington doesn’t see technology as a hindrance to effective communication—she looks for ways to use it as a functional tool that enhances how she can interact with others. In her new role as RIT’s Student Government president, she plans to use social media to help ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.

Carrington, a fourth-year dual major in finance and management information systems from Stony Point, N.Y., has had technology in her blood long before coming to RIT.

“Pretty much everyone in my family works in information technology, including my father, who is an RIT alum,” said Carrington. “In addition to all the code that he taught me, he is actually the person that encouraged me to think about attending RIT.”

From the moment Carrington arrived on campus, she was hooked. She wanted to make a difference on campus, so she decided to run for freshman senator in RIT’s Student Government. Unfortunately, she did not get the position, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her goals of serving RIT students.

“The beautiful thing about RIT is that it has this interesting way of allowing everyone to become who they want to be in their own special way, as long as they put in the work,” Carrington said.

She got involved in multiple areas around campus, including the women’s soccer team and the Next Generation of Accountants club. In 2012, Carrington became one of the founders of Delta Sigma Pi-Epsilon Lambda Chapter, a professional co-ed business fraternity on the RIT campus that was resurrected and reactivated after nearly 60 years of extinction. She later used her financial and IT expertise to take on roles in the AALANA (African American, Latino American and Native American) Collegiate Association and Student Government, before running for president.

This year, Tyler Pierce, a fourth-year management information systems major from Greece, N.Y., joins Carrington in Student Government as vice president. Together they hope to expand the bike share program and advocate for a 24-hour study area, among other goals.

The two Saunders College of Business students also hope to promote engagement and transparency through a petitioning website, similar to the “We the People” section of the White House website. The website would allow students to petition for changes that they want to see implemented at RIT. If the petition receives enough “likes” from other students on campus, they would request an official answer from RIT’s administration.

“I think this service will allow students to hear directly from administration about why some projects on campus may or may not be feasible,” said Carrington. “It’s great that everyone can do this right from their own computers and we would have an immediate poll that can be presented to administration.”

Throughout the summer, Carrington has kept busy working in New York City as a Global Wealth Management Technology intern within the Asset Management Line of Business at JPMorgan Chase. She also stays active through sports, traveling and learning sign language.

“I strongly believe that whenever you are presented the opportunity to make a change in people’s lives, you should take it,” said Carrington.


Ashley Carrington