Innovation Pipeline

Innovation Pipeline
thumbnail imageSwarm of tiny autonomous robots invades RIT

Even days before the Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival, we know what will be some of the most popular exhibits of the day. That’s because the “Plan your Day” function on the festival website tallies favorite exhibits into itineraries created by visitors.

Among this year’s top picks: Swarm of tiny autonomous robots. Swarm robotics is an emerging field that is making major waves in everything from nanotechnology to space exploration, according to the exhibitors. The exhibit description goes on to say: “Visitors will see a complete system for developing, simulating, debugging and deploying swarm algorithms in real time. Learn about building robots from the ground up, designing decentralized algorithms to accomplish common objectives, the steps involved in creating a communication network, and industrial design practices used to give our robots unique personalities.”

Put it down as a must-see on May 5. You can’t find that at the Lilac, Corn Hill or Park Avenue festivals.

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