Kevin Surace ’85 (electrical engineering technology)

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Current position: CEO of Appvance (, a provider of web app validation software and services. Appvance’s technology identifies scalability and security issues in business and consumer apps for large organizations including PepsiCo, BestBuy and McKesson.

Career path: Surace served as chairman, CEO and president of Serious Energy (formerly Serious Materials) from 2002 to 2012. The company received widespread acclaim for developing and manufacturing innovative, energy-efficient building materials and software.

“I served as CEO of Serious Energy for nine-plus years, where we developed, patented and produced disruptive technologies that reduce energy usage in buildings, the largest contributor of carbon dioxide. We built a team of 420 people while delivering high-tech materials, products, software and services to 70,000 projects including the Empire State Building and New York Stock Exchange and thousands of homes.”

Surace, who has been awarded 23 U.S. patents, was named Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009. The following year, CNBC named him one of 15 Leading Innovators for the Next Decade, and the World Economic Forum named him a Tech Pioneer.

Before joining Serious Materials, Surace held executive and technical positions with Perfect Commerce, General Magic, Air Communications, National Semiconductor, and Seiko-Epson.

Remembering RIT: “RIT teaches you how to think, and how to think outside the box. And we put that thinking to work in innovative products and innovative companies that are willing to take risks. My solid education and experience that I received at RIT have allowed me to lead teams in many different fields with equal expertise, passion and vigor.”

Surace has served as an RIT Trustee since 2007.

Hometown: Camillus, N.Y.

Currently resides in: Sunnyvale, Calif.

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