New Book Illustrates and Enhances the Legacy and Influence of Leo Strauss

Follow RITNEWS on Twitter A new book seeks to shed light on the impact and influence of one of the most influential political philosophers of the twentieth century, Leo Strauss.

Leo Strauss and His Legacy, a bibliography of the writings of Strauss and the philosophers he influenced collectively known as the Straussians, is the first comprehensive publication devoted to the works of this school of political philosophy.

Professor John Murley, chair of the department of political science at Rochester Institute of Technology, edits the book and provides extensive information on over 15,000 entries, including books, journal articles and translations by Strauss and his proteges such as Alan Bloom and Henry Jaffa.

“Leo Strauss was not only an important political thinker but also a wonderful teacher and mentor to several generations of philosophers and political theorists,” Murley says. “It is my hope this work will provide new insight into the legacy of Strauss, his students and his students’ students.”

Murley has published two additional books on Strauss’ work and influence, including Leo Strauss, the Straussians and the American Regime and Willmoore Kendall: Maverick of American Conservatives, which includes extensive correspondence between Kendal and Strauss.