Annual “Tent-Out” Event to Raise Money for Hurricane Victims, Sept. 19-23

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As a sobering reminder of what we have, and what many have lost, students are sacrificing their own comfort to bring comfort to others.

Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon, a Greek organization at Rochester Institute of Technology, are living in tents day and night through Friday, Sept. 23, to raise money and donations for hurricane relief. It’s hard to miss the tents and donation bins along RIT’s Quarter Mile, and many students and faculty are invited to drop money or non-perishable items into the bins provided.

The annual “Tent-Out” event is normally held to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease research. This year, it’s clear to members sleeping on the cold ground that relief should be given to victims who are in a similar but involuntary situation.

Ed Murrow, president of the Greek organization, shared one of the many reasons that donations will be sent this year to the American Red Cross relief effort. “At the end of July, Tau Kappa Epsilon had our biannual meeting of all chapters in New Orleans, and the city welcomed us greatly,” he says. “It’s our obligation to give something back.”

Tents are pitched at RIT between Wallace Library and the Student Alumni Union. To donate, drop off items such as toiletries, clothing, non-perishable food or even toys. For more information, contact Franklin Strube at 518-727-3638 or