RIT Offers “Fast Track” One-year MBA Advantage, Summer 2005

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Follow RITNEWS on Twitter The ways and means of getting an advanced business degree today have never been more challenging—and often, the deciding factors are time, cost and commitment.

In summer 2005, the College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology will offer Fast Track—an accelerated, intensive and fast-paced MBA program for students with the motivation, skills and academic ability to be successful.

“Historically, engineers, technologists and scientists have pursued their MBA's by taking evening classes—a route that often requires many years and adds stress to their professional and home lives,” says Tom Pray, professor/chair of decision sciences and management information systems at RIT's College of Business. “Now the one-year, Fast Track program provides an opportunity for seniors earning science- or technology-based four-year degrees to come to RIT - or stay at RIT - and earn their MBA in one calendar year!”

RIT's MBA 18 course curriculum begins with six two-week modules covering core courses ranging from Statistical Analysis for Decision Makers to Organizational Behavior and Leadership. The following fall, winter and spring quarters, classes follow the RIT traditional MBA schedule where students complete four courses per quarter.

“RIT's Fast Track program gives students the option of finishing their MBA program in one year and still pursue a concentration in finance, management and leadership, marketing, or technology management,” says Donald Wilson, director of graduate business programs at RIT “This is something very few one-year MBA programs can offer students.”