Forgetting Fossil Fuels—New Book Assesses Commercialization of Alternate Energies

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RIT professor publishes Alternate Energy: Assessment and Implementation Reference Book

What does it take to shift from fossil fuels to alternative energies? A road map.

The new book, Alternate Energy: Assessment and Implementation Reference Book, explores sustainable energy technologies and barriers hindering their commercialization. Future energy possibilities are outlined using a planning strategy called “roadmapping” developed by government and industry.

“Technology road maps represent a technique to help identify technology trends, market barriers and strategies to overcome those barriers,” says author James Winebrake, professor and chair of public policy at Rochester Institute of Technology. “The road maps used in Alternate Energy cover technologies as diverse as solar power, window technology and hydrogen fuel.”

Winebrake’s book discusses the technical, economic and policy issues that will affect the successful integration of energy efficient and renewable technologies into global markets.

“Energy security and environmental quality are two of the most important concerns for the 21st century,” Winebrake notes. “Sustainable development requires that we tap into renewable resources and that we use energy more wisely.”

Alternate Energy: Assessment and Implementation Reference Book is published by the Fairmont Press, a publishing arm of the Association of Energy Engineers.

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