RIT News is at Your Fingertips—and Now at Your ‘Ear Buds’ Too

New podcast features RIT events; returning ‘radio newscast’-style podcast gives campus news

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Coinciding with the start of the new school year, Rochester Institute of Technology’s news division has launched a weekly podcast that highlights RIT events during the week ahead.

“RIT NEWSMINUTE” is available by late Friday each week on the RIT University News Web site (www.rit.edu/news) to allow listeners to plan for the week ahead. The calendar-type show is RIT’s second regular news podcast.

“RIT NEWSMINUTE,” which runs 60 seconds, joins the flagship podcast, “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast.” The twice monthly, radio newscast-style “Dateline: RIT” features remarks by RIT newsmakers, campus news, and highlights from RIT’s official newspaper, News & Events. “Dateline: RIT” returns for a second season on Sept. 13.

Both “RIT NEWSMINUTE” and “Dateline: RIT” are hosted by Mike Saffran, associate director and manager of new media for RIT University News Services.

In addition to the regular news podcasts, RIT also podcasts special events, such as new RIT President Bill Destler’s first formal campus address on Aug. 30, commencement addresses and other major announcements. For example, listeners can hear former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s 2007 commencement address by visiting the podcast archives at www.rit.edu/news/podcasts.

All University News-produced podcasts are free and available on the University News Web site (see “Latest Podcasts” at www.rit.edu/news), via RSS feed and through Apple iTunes.