PAETEC Awards $2,000 to Students Innovating Technology Club

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The Students Innovating Technology club received a financial boost from PAETEC on Oct. 24. Jeff Pink, program director for Allworx, a division of PAETEC, presented $2,000 to club members to help fund several student-driven projects the group has started.

“We chose the Students Innovating Technology club because the club activities are a complete combination of classwork and real-world projects,” said Pink. “It is a chance for us to get involved in the community. These projects will be great experiences for the students as they design the work from concept to completion.”

The award will support three current projects from interactive LED display technologies to monitoring and recording data from the “green zone” in the College of Applied Science and Technology Building. The latter project involves monitoring the electricity and water saving generated through use of the green roof installed on the CAST Building. This will be some of the first-of-its-kind data recording.

The club is one of the newest campus organizations. Members are based in the electrical, computer and telecommunications engineering technology department and varied disciplines.

This is one of several donations PAETEC has made to RIT and the program in particular. Telecommunications equipment from the company is used extensively in the lab facilities in the CAST Building. In addition, Pink has other ties to RIT. He received a Master of Science degree in computer engineering in 1995 and serves on the Electrical Computer Telecommunications – Engineering Technology Industrial Relations Board, an advisory group for the department.