Student-run Reporter Magazine Hands Editorial Reins to its Readers

Jan. 30 issue will be produced entirely through “crowdsourcing” technique

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The writing staff of Rochester Institute of Technology’s student-run Reporter magazine is getting a week off. Reporter editors have decided to hand over editorial control of their Jan. 30 issue to its readers, creating its first-ever “Crowdsourcing Edition.”

Crowdsourcing is a technique in which an organization uses the general public to do research or other work. In journalism, it involves using a large group of readers to report a news story.

“We thought putting together a crowdsourcing edition would be really cool,” says Laura Mandanas, Reporter’s editor-in-chief. “And at RIT, we can definitely pull it off.”

Reporter plans to use a wiki and other social media tools to allow its readers to collaborate online to generate story ideas, edit stories and make other editorial decisions. These citizen journalists will also write the stories and provide all of Reporter’s photos and illustrations.

Reporter editors will still be somewhat involved, monitoring content and making sure the issue heads to print on time. For more information visit

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