FluxData Licenses Multispectral Imaging Patent from RIT

Rochester-based company plans development of camera system with wide-ranging applications

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FluxData Inc., a leader in multispectral imaging systems, has licensed a patent from Rochester Institute of Technology. The technology, which will allow FluxData to develop low-cost, highly color-accurate camera systems for use in a broad range of applications and markets, was developed at RIT’s Munsell Color Science Laboratory in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science.

U.S. Patent No. 7,554,586, titled “System and method for scene image acquisition and spectral estimation using a wide-band multi-channel image capture,” combines the use of commercial color sensors with optical filtering techniques and image processing algorithms to produce levels of color accuracy that far exceed those of current camera systems. This high level of accuracy can be achieved with a variety of system configurations, including single or multiple imaging sensors—sequential or real-time—or by filtering the illumination sources.

FluxData plans to introduce the patented technology in a new line of Better Color (TM) camera systems and software applications this summer. The company will also integrate the Better Color (TM) technology into its existing FD-1665 3CCD Multispectral Camera product line as an option to provide color discrimination and accuracy, which exceeds existing RGB 3CCD cameras.

“It is very exciting to see our invention developed into a product,” says Roy Berns, co-inventor of the system and director of the Munsell Color Science Laboratory. “My research goal was to bridge the gap between RGB and hyperspectral imaging, providing a practical approach to both improved color accuracy and spectral estimation. Such a product is long overdue, and I am gratified to see the positive results of our long-term collaboration between RIT and FluxData.”

“This is an excellent opportunity to not only bring this university’s technology to market in general but also do so with a Rochester-based company that has taken root in the RIT incubator at Venture Creations,” adds Bill Bond, director of RIT’s Intellectual Property and Licensing Office.”

Pano Spiliotis, CEO of FluxData, says, “The addition of this patent to our IP portfolio will provide an important competitive advantage over existing color cameras. There has been a push from sensor manufactures toward high definition, higher frame rate and lower noise. However, color accuracy has remained limited by CCDs with only three- or four-color channels. With the Better Color (TM) technology, FluxData will be able to provide six-color channels of image content in real-time, greatly increasing color accuracy and color fidelity over existing competitive systems. These advanced systems can also be configured to plug directly into existing workflows for many diverse application markets.”

FluxData, a privately held, women-owned company based in Rochester, N.Y., develops and manufactures multispectral and polarimetric imaging systems for aerospace, defense, surveillance, industrial, medical and scientific markets. FluxDataʼs imaging and system integration expertise helps guide customers from camera specification to delivery of the final system. The company’s imaging experts work with customers to frame the problem and deliver an optimized system based on a broad suite of options.

For more information, go to www.fluxdata.com or call Spiliotis at 800-425-0176.