Assault Investigation Continues; Safety Awareness Tips

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Authorities are continuing their investigation into a reported assault Monday on campus. Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or the RIT Public Safety Department at 585-475-3333 (voice/TTY); IM: ritpublicsafety. The campus will continue to have increased security patrols.

The RIT student has been released from Strong Memorial Hospital. A suspect was described as a white male in his early-to-mid-20s, 5’10” and approximately 180 pounds, with dark hair, wearing a white sweatshirt and driving a black Honda Civic.

Anyone with information that can help with the investigation or who witnessed the Honda Civic on the side of the road is asked to contact Public Safety. The reported incident occurred off Andrews Drive near Gleason Circle.

Personal Safety Awareness Tips:

Whether on or off campus, avoid isolated areas while walking/jogging. There is safety in numbers; walk with friends.

Utilize walkways that are well lighted and plan your route where blue lights are present. They automatically connect to Public Safety by pressing the large red button. Public Safety will respond automatically.

Awareness of your surroundings is a key component of personal safety and always trust your instincts to avoid a person or situation.

If you see a stranded motorist, call Public Safety at 585-475-3333 or call 911 when you’re off campus.

Utilize Public Safety’s mobile escort service when you feel uncomfortable by calling 585-475-3333; IM: ritpublicsafety.

Carry a cell phone so if your car breaks down, you have quick access to emergency assistance.

Report suspicious behavior immediately to the Public Safety Department at 585-475-3333; IM: ritpublicsafety.