A trendy business cover-up

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The laminated locker covers come in various designs and colors: football, bubble planet, cheetah, dance, colored smoke and floral. They are a mix between a sticker and a window cling—removable, reusable and leave no residue behind.

Welcome to UrLocker, created by company CEO Jason Shanley, a business management student in RIT’s E. Philip Saunders College of Business. The company website, www.ItsUrLocker.com, also includes design covers for laptops and mini refrigerators, with future plans for tablets, reading devices and smart phones.

“The idea came a couple of summers ago when I thought all the lockers in high school and middle schools looked the same,” says Shanley.

Shanley won first place for UrLocker in the Saunders Young Entrepreneurs Academy Regional “Bright Ideas” Competition last May—which earned him a four-year $30,000 scholarship from the Saunders College to attend RIT and an opportunity to show his prototypes at Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival. The 18-year-old entrepreneur earned enough college credits at Gananda (N.Y.) High School to enter RIT as a sophomore. Since then, fame has followed: Shanley and UrLocker were featured in a January episode of BizKid$—a new TV series on PBS/WXXI that teaches kids about money. Go to http://bit.ly/zAaycI to see the episode.