RIT GeneSIS goes live

Fall registration begins on April 24, but students are encouraged to explore the new system

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With registration approaching, students’ concerns about signing up for classes they need and the uncertainty of getting locked out of the system should now become a thing of the past. The GeneSIS project team has announced the new Student Information System is available for RIT students.

GeneSIS became available today, allowing students to get familiar with new features including enrollment appointments, a shopping cart, a class swap, wait lists, a new class search and a visual weekly schedule.

In order to prepare for the upcoming transition, students are encouraged to check their personal enrollment appointment times and possible holds on their account, build their classes in shopping carts early and validate classes before enrolling.

To practice and prepare for registration, go to infocenter.rit.edu and select Fall 2012 Enrollment (Student Center). More information on the new Student Information System can be found at http://rit.edu/enrollment.