Imagine RIT exhibits honored

Companies highlight unique exhibits at annual festival

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The “Non-Invasive Physiological Monitoring Technologies” Imagine RIT team was recognized by Xerox.

This year at Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival on May 5, eight local and national companies recognized exhibits they found particularly interesting and innovative.

Since Imagine RIT’s inception, sponsoring companies receive award ribbons to distribute to exhibits as a way for them to explore and participate in the campus-wide festival. The awards are not necessarily given to exhibits that are directly related to the company or the company’s field. Instead, they highlighted what the team of representatives think is unique.

Honorees include:

• “Team Hot Wheelz,” winner of the E-Dragster Race, recognized by Time Warner Cable. Team members included Heather Beam, Sarah Brown, Maura Chmielowiec, Natalie Ferrari, Rachele Floeser, Camila Gomez Serrano, Aurora Kiehl, Margurita Rincon and Olivia Robertson.

• “See-Through, Life-Sized Interactive Monitors,” created by team members Christopher Kurz, Gary Behm, Brian Trager and Robb Dooiling and recognized by Texas Instruments;

• “Swarm of Tiny Autonomous Robots,” created by Robert LiVolsi and Alex Karantza and recognized by ITT Exelis;

• “Larger-Than-Life Piano,” created by Ryan Thompson, Sean Terrill, Jameson Goins, Taylor Barrett and Evan Molony and recognized by Park Point at RIT;

• “Smart Refrigerator,” created by Steven Strapp, Ben Reeves and Dustin Stroup and recognized by Paychex;

• “Tangible Display Systems,” created by James Ferwerda, Reynold Bailey and Chris Cowdery-Corvan and recognized by TATA Consultancy Services;

• “Non-Invasive Physiological Monitoring Technologies,” created by Gill Tsouri, Jayanti Venkataraman, Sohail Dianat, David Borkholder, Cody Cziesler, Nick Desaulniers, Nick Sereni, Nikhil Argade, Survi Kyal, Ruslan Dautov, Matthew Sidley, Gregory Moxam, Joseph Majkowski, Trong Duong, Sheldon Palmer and Danielle Walters and recognized by Xerox;

• “The projects featured in the Center for Student Innovation” by IDI Billing Solutions

Winners were awarded at the festival. To review the exhibits at Imagine RIT, go to