Fun memories of NTID’s first student

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I was so excited when I saw in this latest issue of RIT: The University Magazine Bill Ingraham. I remember Bill so very very well. He looked back then just like he does in the picture on page 42. I know that smile.

I was a note taker for Bill so I got to know him and his clutch of friends. We all went out and about town, including roller skating. Bill explained to me that he could feel the music and the rumble of the skates as he sailed around and around the rink, dragging uncoordinated me along. He was such a clown at times. I was accepted into his group of friends but they had trouble with my name, Cheryl. Since my last name is Cook, they called me Cookie, loudly, and slapped out the sign for a cookie when they wanted my attention. I learned to sign and understand so many of Bill’s gang.

When I came to Massachusetts, I took a few night courses on signing to refresh skills that I had let lag for a few years. But there was no opportunity for me to use those skills at that time, so I have lost them. Thank you for kindling wonderful memories.