Frequently Asked Questions
Digital Manufacturing and Product Realization (DMPR) Lab
Rochester Institute of Technology’s Golisano Institute for Sustainability

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Q. How can companies use the resources available in the DMPR Lab?
A. In addition to GIS research projects, the DMPR Lab is designed to support collaborative projects with companies. RIT staff will be available to support the design, simulation, fabrication and evaluation of electromechanical devices. Interested companies should contact Andy Harlan at the Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies (CIMS), 585-475-5385 or

Q. Does the DMPR Lab provide contract manufacturing?
A. The DMPR Lab does not provide contract manufacturing. The lab works with companies to convert innovative ideas into low-volume prototypes for evaluation. For manufacturing scale-up or production work, the DMPR Lab can help companies identify and develop the appropriate regional resources to support your scale-up.

Q. Can I operate equipment located in the DMPR Lab?
A. The DMPR Lab will have trained resources to operate fabrication equipment located inside the lab. After completing the appropriate training (including safety training), partner company staff will have access to tools for component inspection and assembly. Partner company staff will also have access to design and simulation software applications within the lab.

Q. Is there a cost to using the DMPR Lab?
A. Staffing, equipment and material costs are included in the project proposal. These costs are agreed to before the start of every project.

Q. Can students use the DMPR Lab? Will students be conducting work on my project?
A. CIMS regularly employs students as paid co-op engineers and uses them on research and project work. Experienced engineers with industrial experience always provide direct supervision. The utilization of students for a particular project will be specified during the project’s proposal stage.

Q. Can the DMPR Lab help me with my existing manufacturing operations?
A. Resources at CIMS, the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I), and the Center of Excellence in Sustainable Manufacturing work regularly with industry in areas such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, process optimization and troubleshooting of elusive production problems. DMPR Lab resources can also be applied to these projects, if applicable. If you are not sure which resource is most applicable to your situation, contact Andy Harlan at CIMS, 585-475-5385 or