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H1N1: Hurry up and wait


Not sure you’ll agree, but I find slow developing situations more challenging to respond to. Sure, there’s time to better evaluate circumstances as they evolve, but there always remains uncertainty about how those circumstances will ultimately play out—or even whether they’ll “play out” at all. That’s how I view preparations for the expected outbreak of more »

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‘Model’ behavior in the wake of tragedy


My workday typically kicks off at 6 a.m., and it’s the responsibility of National Public Radio to coax me out of bed. But as my clock radio came to life on Feb. 13—placing me on the cusp of consciousness—it was difficult to comprehend what I was hearing. A plane crash…near Buffalo…50 people reported dead. It’s more »

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We kept busy while you were gone

You know, I can’t get over the nerve of some of you people! I mean taking the entire summer to be away from campus while the rest of us were here—dodging the noise and dust coming from the latest round of construction. It doesn’t seem fair, but I guess I’m willing to let it slide. more »

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Early observations from New Student Orientation

Susan Gawlowicz, Vienna Carvalho, Marcia Morphy and I staff the early shift at the University News table.

I think what strikes me initially is the sense of bewilderment on their faces. New students and their families are busy today taking in the sights at the start of RIT New Student Orientation, which gets underway with move-in activities and the Orientation Resource Fair. Their bewilderment is completely understandable. They are among more than more »

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OAs showcase their RIT brand loyalty

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Despite the smiles and positive energy projecting in front of me, I’m definitely feeling outnumbered—even a bit overwhelmed. An army of about 150 RIT students, seated in an auditorium-style lecture hall, is awaiting my message. Keep the nerves in check, I’m thinking, and just do what you do. It’ll be fine. I start by expressing more »

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Least attractive campus: Seriously?

On an after-work run around campus last night, I could see her head rise just a short distance ahead of me. A deer, not an uncommon sight, leapt from the woods and crossed Andrews Drive, where she paused. “Wait,” I thought, realizing another was likely to follow. Sure enough, a spotted baby deer emerged and more »

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