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News comes in every language

A couple weeks ago, a team of researchers from RIT’s Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies was invited to attend a major conference in the Dominican Republic. The event was sponsored by the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra of Santo Domingo and focused on the current state of the Dominican economy, particularly the manufacturing sector. more »

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RIT’s global reach

RIT’s professors are often featured in international publications and conferences showcasing their expertise and innovative research. This global publicity can often have a wide impact that goes beyond a simple news article. For example, in 2005, Nabil Nasr, director of RIT’s Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies, was a keynote speaker at the International Conference on more »

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How does good press happen?

I’m often asked to get press for different events going on at RIT. It may sound relatively straightforward, but given the many things happening in the Rochester region and the small staffs working at local stations and newspapers, it’s often extremely difficult to get people to cover your event instead of something else. It’s particularly more »

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From Baltimore to Kazakhstan

Last June, John Follaco and I attended a public relations conference in Baltimore that featured national reporters and numerous academic panelists discussing how to get national media for your university. While I must admit I did have daydreams of going down to Baltimore and coming away with a CNN interview, I truly did not think more »

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A simple mantra leads to big results

A wise, former colleague once gave me a very simple rule to follow regarding effort that applies very well to public relations: “Everything works and nothing doesn’t.” Basically this means that you often never know what particular effort or action is going to lead to the “big story,” but that does not mean the hard more »

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How to get national press coverage? A lot of hard work and a bit of luck!

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear about RIT stories on national television or in major newspapers is, “How did that happen? How did The New York Times or CNBC find out about RIT?” While the answer is simple, the process for making it happen can be complicated. Reporters are always looking for more »

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