August 20, 2014
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Send us your comments: We want to hear from you Inside N&E

As you’ve read in previous issues of News & Events, the University News staff would love to hear from more of you. Although we aren’t able to publish a “Letters to the Editor” section due to a lack of space, we’re very interested in what readers are thinking and talking about on campus, and in what areas we, as a news organization, excel or may be able to improve upon. As managing editor, I will also periodically address readers’ thoughts in “Inside the Pages of News & Events,” here on The Tiger Beat.

Submitting letters or comments is an easy way to voice your opinion and educate people about the issues you’re passionate about. You can use letters to correct or interpret facts in response to an inaccurate or biased article recently published (although I’m sure that rarely happens in News & Events!), or to praise or criticize a recent article. I’ve found some great tips from The Green Media Toolshed to help you write interesting and eye-catching op-eds, not only for submission to the University News Web blog, but to local or national newspapers or magazines.

And don’t forget to send comments to news&

  1. Pete K
    Aug 16

    That is an excellent resource. Maybe you guys could post letters to the editor on the blog?

  2. Vienna
    Aug 25

    Actually, that was our plan. We are seeking "letters to the editor" and plan to answer as many of these as possible on the blog.

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