August 23, 2014
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Bob’s ‘long shot’ comes through Miscellaneous

I was a little perplexed when I walked into the office of Bob Finnerty, RIT chief communications officer, this past June. On his desk, in plain view, sat my resume. I wasn’t quite sure what to think. (If you saw your resume sitting on your boss’s desk, what would you think?) I tend to be somewhat cynical, so my initial thought was, Bob thinks I lied on my resume and he’s launched an investigation.

Curiosity (and anxiety) got the best of me, so I came right out and said, “Bob, what are you doing with my resume?” He said, “We’re nominating you for an award.” Then he added, “But it’s such a long shot.” I didn’t inquire any further and left.

I completely forgot about the conversation until I received a message in August from the Rochester Women’s Network, calling to tell me I had been chosen one of 15 women in the Rochester area for its annual “Up and Coming Businesswoman of the Year.” I was shocked and honored. And then I remembered back to that day in Bob’s office and the resume ‘incident.’

My fellow up-and-coming businesswomen awardees and I were recently honored during a luncheon on Nov. 3 at the Riverside Convention Center. Hundreds of people from the business community were there, including my bosses, several of my colleagues and my parents.

And to this day I still kid Bob about the ‘long shot’ comment.

  1. Justin Thorp
    Nov 14

    Congrats Kelly!

  2. Bob Finnerty
    Nov 14

    Kelly, why of course....I was being coy. I was trying to throw you off the trail :-) Interesting talent you have there...reading documents upside down!!! You must have been a TV producer in a previous lifetime.

    In all seriousness, congrats and well deserved!!!

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