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Digital Literatures and Media Minor

Semester Requirements

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
(585) 475-2444,

Digital technologies are changing all aspects of how we read and analyze texts and how we access and conceptualize information. Through this minor, students read and analyze traditional texts produced in print, and non-traditional texts created specifically for online environments (e.g., electronic poetry, games, social media). This minor will provide an entry point into investigating particular aspects of “the digital” and its relation to “the literary.” The minor examines the cultural and social impact of new technologies and offers students access to these technologies for application to new questions for study and new methods of creation.

Required Courses
Choose one of the following
ENGL-481 Introduction to Natural Language Processing
FNRT-356 Interactive Design for Museums
IGME-110 Introduction to Interactive Media
ISTE-105 Web Foundations
ISTE-382 Introduction To Geospatial Technologies
Choose four of the following
   ENGL-215    Text and Code
   ENGL-375    Storytelling Across Media
   ENGL-403    The Novel
   ENGL-409    Mythology and Literature
   ENGL-410    Film Studies
   ENGL-418    Great Authors*
   ENGL-419    Literature and Technology
   ENGL-420    Science Fiction
   ENGL-421    The Graphic Novel

* With adviser approval.