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Language Science Minor

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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Language science is the study and analysis of human language. The minor is directly applicable to students interested in the fields of computing and media, human-computer interaction, brain and cognition, language acquisition, human health, interpreting, relevant branches of engineering, and policy studies. Students can complete the minor requirements irrespective of their skills in languages other than English. Elective courses allow students to customize the minor to their interests.

Required Courses
ENGL-310 Introduction to Language Science
Plus one of the following:
   ENGL-371    Language, Dialects, and Identity
   ENGL-351    Language Technology
   MLCU-301    Psycholinguistics
Choose three of the following:
       A beginning ASL or foreign language course
   ENGL-371    Language, Dialects, and Identity
   ENGL-351    Language Technology
   MLCU-301    Psycholinguistics
   ENGL-470    Evolving English Language
   ENGL-482    Language and Brain
   PHIL-414    Philosophy of Language
   PSYC-331    Language and Thought
   MLAS-596    Linguistics of American Sign Language
   MLJP-351    Languages in Japanese Society
   MLJP-451    Structure of the Japanese Language
   ENGL-481    Introduction to Natural Language Processing
   ENGL-582    Advanced Topics in Computational Linguistics

* Students may also use special topic courses or indepedent study, if approved by the minor adviser.