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Chris Jackson

Senior Associate Dean

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Chris Jackson

Senior Associate Dean

Dean’s Office
College of Art and Design


BFA, Alfred University; MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology


Chris Jackson is an author, designer, professor, and the Associate Dean in the College of Art and Design at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Before joining the RIT faculty, Chris was a new media designer with Eastman Kodak Company, creating and delivering online instructional training. He continues to be an animator, designer, developer, and consultant for global corporations. He lectures and conducts workshops related to motion graphics and interactive design.

Chris's professional work has received over 25 distinguished national and international awards for online communication. His areas of research include user experience design, motion graphics, visual storytelling and interactive design for children. His interactive work is part of the American Comic Book Heroes exhibit at The Strong National Museum of Play.

Chris continues to publish and present his research and professional work at Adobe MAX, ACM Siggraph and the Society for Technical Communication (STC). Chris is the author of After Effects for Designers (Focal Press, 2017), After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite (Focal Press, 2014), Flash Plus After Effects (Focal Press, 2010), Flash Cinematic Techniques (Focal Press, 2010), and co-author of Digital Design in Action (Focal Press, 2017) and Flash 3D: Animation, Interactivity, and Games (Focal Press, 2006).


Areas of Expertise

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Book Chapter
Peres, Michael, et al. "About the Images from Science 3 Project." Images from Science 3. Rochester, NY: RIT Press, 2019. 4-7. Print.
Full Length Book
Jackson, Chris. After Effects for Designers: Graphic and Interactive Design in Motion. First ed. New York, New York: Focal Press, 2017. Print.
Jackson, Chris and Nancy Ciolek. Digital Design in Action: Creative Solutions for Designers. First ed. New York, NY: CRC Press, 2016. Print.
Jackson, Chris. After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite: 3D Motion Graphics and Visual Effects using Cineware. 1st ed. New York, NY: Focal Press, 2104. Print.
Invited Keynote/Presentation
Jackson, Chris. "Get Animated with After Effects: An Introduction to Motion Graphics." Adobe MAX Creativity Conference. Adobe. Los Angeles, California. 5 Oct. 2015. Conference Presentation.
Jackson, Chris. "After Effects: Foundational Techniques to Your First Animation." Adobe MAX 2014 Creativity Conference. Adobe. Los Angeles, CA. 6 Dec. 2104. Guest Lecture.
Jackson, Chris. "Foundational Techniques for Animation with After Effects." Adobe MAX Creativity Conference. Adobe. Los Angeles, CA. 6 May 2013. Guest Lecture.
Jackson, Chris. "Creative Voices: Chris Jackson." Adobe MAX Creativity Conference. Adobe. Los Angeles, CA. 8 May 2013. Address.
Jackson, Chris. "Interactive Video Design." Adobe VIP Production Premium Sneak Peak. Adobe Systems. New York City, NY. 14 Feb. 2012. Conference Presentation.
Jackson, Chris. "Hands On Introduction to After Effects CS5." Adobe MAX. Adobe. LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, California. 3 Oct. 2011. Guest Lecture.
Jackson, Chris. "Design is One: Creating a Blended Graduate Curriculum." UCDA Design Educators Conference 2011. University and College Designers Association. New Jersey City University, Jersey City, New Jersey. 26 May 2011. Conference Presentation.
Invited Article/Publication
Jackson, Chris. "Modeling in Cinema 4d Lite." Mastering Film. (2015). Web.
Jackson, Chris. "CINEMA 4D Lite and CINEWARE." Mastering Film. (2015). Web.
Invited Paper
Jackson, Chris and Adam Smith. "3D Enhanced Visual Design for Designers." 2013 UCDA Design Education Summit Proceedings. (2013). Print.
Published Conference Proceedings
Jackson, Chris, Nancy Ciolek, and Peter Byrne. "Designing for the Human Experience: Integrating Design and Technology." Proceedings of the National UCDA Design Education Summit Conference. Ed. UCDA. Blacksburg, VA: n.p., 2012. Print.
Published Book
Jackson, Chris. Flash + After Effects: Add Broadcast Features to Your Flash Designs. 2nd edition. Boston: Focal P, 2010. Print.
Jackson, Chris. Flash Cinematic Techniques: EnhancingAnimated Shorts and InteractiveStorytelling. Boston: Focal P, 2010. Print.
Formal Presentation
Jackson, Chris. “Hands-On Introduction to After Effects.” Adobe MAX. Adobe. Los Angeles, CA. 25 October 2010. Presentation.
Published Review
Ramin, Zahed. “Rev. of Flash Cinematic Techniques” by Chris Jackson. Animation Magazine. June/July 2010. Print.

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  • October 18, 2018

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    Podcast: Critical Thinking 

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 1: Our debut episode features a conversation between Eugene Fram, professor emeritus from Saunders College of Business, and Chris Jackson, associate dean of the College of Art and Design. The two discuss how they came to value the importance of critical thinking and the role it plays in education, business, design and everyday life.

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