National Portfolio Day

Let our faculty help prepare your artwork for college admission at National Portfolio Days!

What is National Portfolio Day?

National Portfolio Day (NPD) events are held annually to help further the artistic development of young artists by bringing together experienced college representatives to review artwork and offer feedback. National Portfolio Days, offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, are about the exchange of information about prospective students’ work, college plans and concerns.

RIT College of Art and Design's faculty roster of renowned artists, photographers, designers and filmmakers — either virtually or in-person — meet one-on-one with prospective students during NPD events. They provide useful portfolio feedback and share information about our range of programs in the arts and sciences.

Those interested in having their work evaluated by an RIT representative can best prepare for a review by observing our portfolio requirements. Any questions about RIT’s participation at National Portfolio Days can be directed to

Portfolios should include your best and most recent work, but it can also include works in progress, sketchbooks, tear sheets and creative writing. No admissions decisions or scholarship awards will be offered at National Portfolio Days, but RIT’s College of Art and Design can accept your portfolio as the visual portion of your application.

A sketch of a rhinoA drawing that alumna Tirzah Pilet presented at a National Portfolio Day event.

Faculty Faces of NPD

A GIF of RIT College of Art and Design faculty.

Our faculty are engaged. They are committed and passionate leaders in their respective fields. And they are here to support and guide you.

When you attend a National Portfolio Day (NPD), you will meet with our acclaimed faculty, who provide portfolio feedback and an insightful look into your preferred major. It is an opportunity for one-on-one interaction with practicing artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers, scientists and researchers who showcase their work at exhibitions, festivals and conferences around the world.

Photography by Quinn Freidenburg '24


Student walk in front of a College of Art and Design sign.

Explore our programs

RIT's College of Art and Design regularly hosts a National Portfolio Day event. In addition to portfolio reviews, our NPD programming consists of tours and presentations about the college and its offerings.

2023 event coverage

Recap story 


Watch the above video about our past events.


Check out highlights from previous events at RIT! Photos by Quinn Freidenburg '24, Daniel Sarch '23 and Jesse Wolfe '22 (hover over image for credit line) 

Where to find us in 2023-24

Our faculty attend many in-person and online NPD events each year, ready to review portfolios and prepare them for the college admissions process (both undergraduate and graduate). Please be sure to check back in August as to the NPD schedule for 2024-25. 

About the National Portfolio Day Association

The National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA) was created in 1978 solely for the organization and planning of National Portfolio Days (NPD). The association consists of representatives that hold regional accreditation and accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), or Substantial Equivalency status. NPDA is the only organization of its kind and the membership represents the highest standard of visual arts education available in the world.

You will not find National Portfolio Days to be an examination or competition, the events are about an exchange of information. Representatives want to learn about you, your work, and your post-secondary plans, all while informing you about their college or university and application requirements. 

What should I bring to a National Portfolio Day? 

A portfolio of visual artwork that includes your best and most recent work, but it can also include works in progress, sketchbooks, and tear sheets. Don’t hesitate to explain how you develop your ideas and where you want to go with them. Often, sharing the process of arriving at the completed work is as valuable as simply presenting finished products. The NPDA urges you to discuss your work with as many colleges/universities as possible and bring no more than 15 works. Your portfolio can be presented as original work or on screen, but make note Wi-Fi may not be available at all locations. Students who are not prepared to show a portfolio may attend to gather information from college/university representatives. All NPD events are free and open to the public.


Any questions about RIT’s participation at National Portfolio Days can be directed to For more information about the National Portfolio Day Association and its events, visit