Access to First-Rate Facilities

Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Art and Design is bustling with activity at all times. 

The college’s sprawling studios and labs with state-of-the-art equipment provide students with the necessary resources to flex their creativity, collaborate with others, and produce the world-changing innovation RIT is known for. 

The facilities here support the curious visionaries and doers that occupy them.
Our dozens of labs are routinely filled with students eager to utilize our cutting-edge technology to complete amazing animation, design, and virtual and augmented reality projects. Our 30-plus photography studios are fully equipped to accommodate the professional-level shoots students execute. Our hot shop furnaces are always scorching and ready for students to manipulate glass into something remarkable. Our art studios supply an encouraging environment where students can develop creative freedom and receive one-on-one faculty attention. 

It’s hard to look away, too. From admiring the symmetry of an artisan’s bowl rising from a clay-spattered wheel, to examining an exhibit of work in one of our gallery spaces, to seeing 3D printers and CNC routing technology in action in our Fab Lab, to witnessing a live video shoot on one of our soundstages, there is always a creation to marvel at.

Our students also have access to the brand-new MAGIC Spell Studios, a 52,000-sqaure-foot facility where faculty and student game designers, programmers, filmmakers, and animators collaborate with each other and industry partners to create digital media experiences. 

It all adds up to an unsurpassed energy that keeps the excitement within our walls at high levels. With this commitment to cultivating a culture of innovation and creativity, the College of Art and Design prepares its students for a wide variety of professional fields.