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Summer Online Course

In Summer Term 2017, PoCS/MCSL will be offering a 3-credit, online, graduate course, CLRS-600 Fundamentals of Color Science. This course is an asynchronous online course providing a technical introduction to color and the CIE system of colorimetry. The topics covered are listed below. The course is intended for students with a technical background who are interested in adding an elective course in color science to their graduate program and for practitioners in the field interested in a more thorough understanding of the science behind color. This course cannot be taken for program credit by Color Science MS and PhD students. (Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree in a STEM discipline).

  Fundamentals of Color Science
· Color ‘triangle’ - Light sources, sensors, objects
· Color order systems
· Vision
· Light
· Photometry
· Colorimetry
· Color measurement
· Uniform color spaces
· Color difference metrics
· Color adaptation
· Color appearance
· Color imaging
· Color management
· High Dynamic Range imaging
· Gloss

CLRS-600 details and registration info

What happened to the Industrial Short Courses?

For many years, the Munsell Color Science Laboratory offered industrial short courses during the summer. These evolved over time to reflect both the needs of industrial color applications and the research interests of the faculty. While we recognize that interaction with industry is a fundamental requirement for the existence of the lab, we are no longer able to offer the summer short courses.