Confidentiality is an essential part of any therapeutic relationship. When a student is engaged in a therapeutic relationship as a client in the Counseling and Psychological Services office, information shared by the student as part of that relationship will not be disclosed or released to individuals outside of Counseling and Psychological Services without the client’s written or verbal permission.

While restricted, disclosure of some degree of information is nevertheless permitted, and at times mandated by law and/or ethical standards, without the student’s consent in specific circumstances. It is important to understand that in all those instances where disclosure is necessary or required, the sharing of information will be limited to the minimum amount of information relayed to the minimum number and roles of individuals that is necessary to achieve the purpose of the disclosure (i.e., only need-to-know information to need-to-know persons). If the disclosure of information is desired by a student, students may authorize this by completing the Student Consent Form.