Tutoring Support

In order to better support our students and assist them with their studies, we offer free tutoring support in-person and via Zoom for a number of our courses in both Zagreb and Dubrovnik. 

We strongly encourage our students to take advantage of this free service as our tutors work closely with faculty to assist in classes.

Our tutors are higher year level students who have passed those classes with strong grades and were recommended by faculty members to guide current students through course work. Tutoring support is available every week of the semester.

Benefits of using tutoring support are multiple:

  • Tutoring provides additional clarification of course work.
  • Working in small groups increases the chance of grasping the knowledge.
  • Students using tutoring support improve their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Tutoring also improves work and study habits of individuals.
  • Tutoring enhances overall academic performance.