Aaron Archambault

Aaron Archambault

"The impact was immediate. I was able to see things in my business that I had not seen and have been able to put my business in a better position. The program gave me not only the knowledge needed to thrive, but also the confidence to make the hard decisions."

Aaron Archambault
CEO, IPNetVoice
Burlington, VT
Online Executive MBA, Class of 2017

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What is your best piece of advice?

Use all of the resources and take advantage of all of the people you will meet throughout the program; the alumni, professors, staff and fellow students are a wealth of knowledge.  Do not be afraid to ask for or to provide input.

Why did you choose RIT's Executive MBA?

The school's reputation and the people whom I interacted with during the evaluation process left an impact on me. 

What has been the biggest takeaway from your experience?

The business world is evolving, the solutions from yesterday may not be the answers of today and certainly are not the answers for tomorrow. Business learning is an ongoing process as it evolves, and so to must we as business leaders. The case method used by RIT and others is not meant to give you answers to questions, but is to get you to ask the right questions.  Just because it worked for one company does not mean it is right for all!

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