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Thank you for considering a capstone project from the Executive MBA Program at the Saunders College of Business. Over the years, Executive MBA teams have completed numerous successful projects with local and regional businesses to the benefit of both program executives and their clients.

About the process:

The Saunders College of Business Executive MBA Capstone is a 24-week project completed by a team of three or four executives during the final two semesters of their program. Depending on the size of the class, anywhere from five to seven projects might be completed during each capstone cycle. There are three cycles each year: one in our on-campus program; and two in our online program.

Project selection is a two-stage process: The Capstone Committee provides an initial assessment of project “fit” with the program; approved applications are then presented to the Executive MBA teams, who make the final selection. Please be advised that the number of applications generally exceeds the number of teams. Consequently even strong applications may not initially be selected. In those instances, your project will remain “active” and be presented to teams in the next cycle (generally, the next semester).

The most successful projects are a true collaboration between the team and the client. A committed and active client liaison assures a positive outcome.

Submit your application below, or contact Business Development Manager Krista Vardabash directly.

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Note: Teams are not responsible for the implementation of actions specified in the strategic options or recommendations sections of the reports. They are expected to provide an in-depth analysis of the problem and propose solutions.


Krista Vardabash
Business Development Manager