Construction Projects

East Campus

LBJ Restroom Renovation: Western restrooms offline; May-Summer 2019

LBJ Dyer Art Gallery Platform Construction; Gallery offline Summer 2019

LBJ Little Theater Technology Install; Theater offline Summer 2019

LBJ Phase 2 of 2 Roof Reconstruction; May – July 2019

Gracie's Kitchen Renovation: closed beginning May 2019; Summer 2019

Wiltsie Drive Reconstruction: portions of road closed at various times; Summer 2019

Margaret's House Window Replacement: May 10 - 19

Barnes & Noble 2nd Floor Office Build-out: added office suite; Spring 2019

Center Campus

Generator Building Addition to Institute Hall: Spring 2019

Ross Hall ITS Suite: Spring-Summer 2019

Freight Farm: new pad and farm located South of SAU; Summer 2019

Quarter Mile: new concrete North of Liberal Arts Hall; Summer 2019

Andrews Loop Raised Crosswalk: new raised concrete crosswalk installed between E and G lots; Summer 2019

West Campus

Cyber Security Addition to Golisano Hall: sitework ongoing

Riverknoll Refresh: Two-bedroom unit renovation - Summer-Fall 2019

Farnum Lane Renovations: single-lane traffic will be maintained throughout project; Spring-Summer 2019

Alumni House Landscaping: Summer 2019


Campus Road Sealing: various locations around campus - Summer 2019

RIT Inn and Conference Center Lobby Renovation: Spring 2019