Policies & Procedures

Funding Dependent

The Institute funds FMS via two distinct and separate mechanisms - an Operating Budget and a Renewal and Replacement Budget. The non-chargeable services FMS can provide are limited to the level of funding received in any given year in each of these budgets. To a large degree, the Operating Budget funds the cost of cleaning, maintaining, operating, and repairing existing Institute physical assets for which FMS is responsible. The Operating Budget also provides certain support services such as planning, design, & construction management services, special event assistance, and shipping & receiving services.

The Renewal and Replacement Budget funds the major renewal or complete replacement of Institute physical assets which have become functionally obsolete or have reached the end of their useful service lives. For a more detailed explanation and listing of specific services which are included, and some which are excluded, from these budgets, and for the variations that apply to Auxiliary and Pseudo-Auxiliary units, view the FMS Services' document.

Other Policies and Procedures