Career Zone Applicant Assistance

This page will help navigate the RIT Career Zone site, and provide helpful hints on any issues that may have arisen during the application process


 Applicant FAQ

Applying for a position

  • It is best to use either Firefox or Chrome to apply for positions on Career Zone. Make sure you are using a personal device and not a work/public device.
  • Regular RIT faculty or staff member should log in to the INTERNAL Career Zone gateway at using your RIT user name and password.
  • External applicants (current RIT students, temporary employees) must apply through either the external staff or faculty gateway at
  • File size limits for documents uploaded to an my applicant profile
    • You can store up to 5 different resumes, 5 different cover letters and 15 attachments on your applicant profile.  EACH document and each attachment has a file size limit of 5mb.  Cover letters which are typed in and not uploaded have a limit of 4000 characters. 

Forgotten password

    • Now 2-factor authentication. Candidates will now have the options when resetting their password to either use security questions or a six digit numeric passcode that can be emailed to them.  The passcode is valid for 20 minutes upon receipt of the email (they will get 5 attempts in 60 minutes)


  • Please use the “Forgot your password” link on the front of the Career Zone login page.  You may have to wait 15 minutes between password resets.  If you do not receive the email, or are still having problems with your login, please email Make sure you provide your contact information.
  • Need help with security questions? Email for assistance

Error message while completing my application

  • Make sure you are using Firefox or Chrome to access the system. Clear any temporary cache/internet files/cookies and then log back into your profile. If you are still having issues, please email

Creating a profile only (not applying to a specific job)

While you may use this feature to submit your resume/CV to our talent management system so that you can set up a profile for future use, we only accept and regularly review applications for open positions posted on the Career Zone Applicant site.  It is strongly recommended that you search for a specific opening that meets your qualifications and apply directly to that position.  Even though you may receive an email system acknowledgement from the system with a candidate reference number, unless you have actually applied to a specific job, you are not considered an applicant.

Applicant Assistance-Email:  

Application status  Find out the status of your application

Job Posting Description 

  • If the position has been removed from the Career Zone site, you can still access the posting description.

Setting Up a Search Agent

Withdraw my application

  • Go to your profile in career zone, and you will see a ‘withdraw’ button