Conflict Management

In a diverse and dynamic academic community like ours, conflicts are inevitable. However, conflicts don't have to be detrimental; they can be transformative opportunities for growth, understanding, and positive change. 

We offer a variety of resources to support you in managing conflicts in all aspects of university life. 

Let's build a stronger, more connected community together!

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Your Manager

Your manager is there to support you and help resolve any workplace issues. By addressing the matter directly with them, you give them an opportunity to understand the situation and take appropriate action. 

When you talk to your manager, be open and honest about what's been happening. Share your perspective and any concerns you have, but also be willing to listen to their viewpoint. Together, you can work towards finding a resolution that benefits everyone involved.

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Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP)

If you are experiencing conflicts or difficulties with colleagues, supervisors, or work-related matters that you are unable to work through with your immediate manager, your designated HRBP is available to listen to your concerns, provide guidance, and help facilitate constructive resolutions.

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Ombuds Office

The Ombuds office provides a safe and confidential place for students, faculty and staff to bring any kind of problem, dispute or question.



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Office of Compliance and Ethics (OCE)

The Office of Compliance and Ethics supports RIT's commitment to promptly, thoroughly, and impartially review and assess reports alleged policy violations, including reports of discrimination and harassment, conflicts of interest, retaliation, or other misconduct, and investigate those reports where appropriate.

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