New Employee Onboarding

Welcome to RIT and congratulations on your new position! We are excited to have you as a part of the team and our campus community. These onboarding resources serve as a starting point as you begin your career at RIT. The resources will guide you from before your first day, through your first year and beyond.

Before You Start

Plan for Your First Day

Confirm the date, time, and location of your first day of work with your manager. They will give you insight on where to park on campus and how to get to your area/office.


Verify Your Eligibility to Work

Complete the I9 Process.  You will be sent an email from Equifax Compliance Center with instructions for how to login and complete your I9 Part 1 and required employment forms.  Section 1 must be completed by the new employee before their first day of work.  Please complete I9 Part 1 before your I9 Part 2 appointment.

If you are working remotely outside of the Rochester area, you will be send instructions for completing Part 2 of the I9 remotely. 

If you are local to the Rochester campus, you will complete Part 1 online and will complete Part 2 on campus.  Your I9 Part 2 can be completed after completing I9 Part 1 by scheduling an appointment with Human Resources by visiting and selecting Human Resources. This appointment can be done in advance of your start date but must completed within your first three days of employment. Bring original copies (not photocopies) of accepted documents to verify your identity.

Schedule I-9 Appointment

Your First Week

Meet with your manager to discuss your job duties and responsibilities, departmental initiatives, expectations, schedules, and more. These conversations should be ongoing throughout your onboarding at RIT. Your manager will also give you your University Identification Number (UID), which you will use throughout your time at RIT.

Your department will request your access to the RIT network (computer, email, phone, wifi, voicemail, videophone). Technicial support can be found at the RSC.

Tour your department and meet with others in your department. Your colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and they can share what they have learned along the way. They are excited to have you join their team and can provide insight as you start your career at RIT.

You must have a UID before you can get your RIT ID card.

  • Option 1: With your RIT Computer Account, log in to RIT ID photo to upload a photo for your ID card. The RIT Service Center (RSC) will notify you when your ID card is ready for pick up at the RIT ID Card Office, (Eastman Hall, 1st Floor, Room 1202).
  • Option 2: Bring your UID number to Eastman Hall, 1st Floor, Room 1202 to have your photo taken and pick up your ID card.


Be sure to sign up for direct deposit within Employee Self-Service in Oracle so that your paychecks are deposited straight into the account(s) of your choice. It may take one to two pay periods before direct deposit starts, during which you will receive a physical check mailed to your home address per pay period.

Visit the Parking & Transportation employee portal to register your vehicle(s) and see which parking options work best for you.

For many online transactions, including access to your timecard and Oracle Self-Service, you will need to authenticate your access. At RIT we use DUO mobile, with back-up offline options. To set up your account, see this guide in the RIT Service Center.

You can use Tiger Bucks by swiping your RIT ID to save 10% on all dining purchases. Tiger Bucks is accepted payment at all on campus dining facilities, vending machines, some off-campus locations, and more. Manage your account through the employee Tiger Spend portal.

Your First Month

Complete New Employee Orientation. The Talent Development team will assign the following required web-based courses to you:

  • New Employee Orientation: Welcome to RIT
  • Early Intervention

New Faculty Orientation takes place each year in August.

  • Discover the range of benefits, health and more, provided to regular employees (full-time and part-time) and adjuncts through the Benefits website.
  • New hires must enroll in benefits for themselves and their dependents within the first 31 days of work. Benefits are effective on the first of the month following your start date. New employees will receive an email from Benefits notifying them when their new hire enrollment is available for them to complete. 
  • RIT's benefits also covers eligible dependents, spouses, and domestic partnerships and their children. You must provide documentation before adding them to your benefits coverage. See Eligibility, Enrollment, and Qualified Events for details.

Complete your online Compliance and Ethics trainings. You will be notified via Outlook when the trainings have been assigned to your plan in Talent Roadmap. All employees must complete the following trainings and, based on roles and responsibilities, others may be assigned.

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals - annual requirement (complete within 60 days of hire)
  • Discrimination and Harassment (Including Title IX) – annual requirement (complete within 60 days of hire)
  • Conflict of Interest and Commitment - one-time requirement (complete within 30 days of hire)
  • In addition to the Conflict of Interest and Commitment training, you will be notified via Outlook to complete your Conflict of Interest disclosure is also due within 30 days of hire. This process is revisited annually for any changes.

Your First 3 to 6 Months

Continue to meet with your manager on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as you continue to learn about your position, department, college/division, and RIT as a whole. Use this time to ask questions and gain clarification for your work, your findings on and about campus, and the systems you use in your position.

Your manager will introduce the performance appraisal process used in your department. This process is designed to help you achieve your highest potential in your position. Set performance and development goals together and measure progress on them throughout the course of the year in your meetings with each other.

Explore development opportunities offered through the Talent Development and various departments on campus. These courses, activities, lectures, and more will enrich your experience at RIT and enhance skills needed in your position. There are also over 8,000 LinkedIn Learning web-based courses in Talent Roadmap available on demand.

First Year & Beyond

Look for cross-functional opportunities to get involved such as committees, projects, task forces, and initiatives on campus. This is a great way to meet new people and learn more about our campus culture and community. It may lead to a new connection and relationship that can assist you in your current role while helping RIT further its mission.

Complete your self-appraisal reviewing and evaluating the goals that you set with your manager. Your manager will also provide feedback on your goals as well as your overall job responsibilities. This is a great time to reflect back and plan for the future. Consider using the Individual Development Plan for improving skills for your current position and preparing for future positions in your career.

Consider taking an American Sign Language class offered by NTID to faculty and staff.

Consider taking an RIT class or pursue a new degree or one that will build skills and competencies for your position. RIT has an amazing educational benefit for employees which includes free undergraduate and graduate tuition effective from your date of hire.

Diversity and Inclusion

Together RIT

RIT celebrates and embraces diversity and inclusion in our students, faculty, and staff. In addition to being an equal opportunity employer, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion frequently hosts events and development opportunities that faculty and staff are encouraged to attend and engage in to enrich the campus experience for everyone.

More Info and Resources

The best way for you to get to know RIT's structure is to explore our organizational charts. There are several divisions with RIT, include Academic Affairs (the colleges), Student Affairs, and Finance & Administration. Don't know which division you belong to? Search your name. (RIT Log in required)

If you want to know more about where we're headed, take a look at our 2018-2025 Strategic Plan: Greatness Through Difference, the result of shared input and careful strategic consideration of faculty, staff, and students and the Board of Trustees.

RIT's shared governance system is the body responsible for developing and approving university policies at RIT, that are not already dictated by local, state, or federal laws. If you have questions about a policy, your HR Business Partner can help with understanding it.

In addition to these, HR also has some procedural policies that are driven by legal requirements, University Policy, or administrative necessity.

Understand the Shared Governance Model on campus and consider attending your governance group’s meeting as well as University Council. These meetings are open to anyone that would like to attend and they discuss issues on concern, new initiatives, and review policy additions or changes.

Find the building or office you need using this interactive RIT campus map.

Check location, hours, and menus for all dining locations on campus.

Download the RIT Mobile app, if you have a smartphone. There is great information regarding dining, shuttles, on campus events, a campus map with directional wayfinding, and so much more. It is a one-stop-shop for information.

Rochester, NY

The RIT campus is about six miles from downtown Rochester—just minutes away if you want to explore and enjoy the city’s entertainment, cultural, and employment opportunities. Rochester is large enough to provide the dining and night life opportunities you might expect in a bigger city, yet small and friendly enough to be inviting and accessible.

Human Resources Location & Hours

Eastman Hall, 5th Floor

Open: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.