Total Compensation

Pay is one component of an employee's total compensation. Another component is the comprehensive benefits package that RIT offers. Faculty and staff may view their personalized Total Compensation statement in Employee Self-Service.

RIT understands the tremendous impact benefits play in providing family security and overall employee satisfaction. The employee benefits, combined with pay, provide a total compensation package that individuals can customize based on personal needs and preferences. Please refer to Benefits for more information on all that RIT has to offer.

Staff Job Evaluation

Jobs are evaluated and assigned a wage grade based on external market pricing and internal benchmarking. External market pricing looks at the pay being provided by organizations outside of RIT for the same or similar work. Internal benchmarking compares the job with similar roles within RIT taking into account a variety of factors.

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About Compensation

RIT has a long-standing commitment to provide competitive salaries for faculty and staff. Human Resources Compensation supports the University's commitment by:

  • Consulting on all classification and compensation matters pertaining to employees
  • Collaborating with managers and organizational leaders in the resolution of complex day-to-day classification and compensation issues
  • Performing external market salary benchmarking and establishing and maintaining the University's classification and compensation structures
  • Leading institutional initiatives to align the University with industry best practices and ensuring compliance with University policies and state and federal compensation laws