Investment Advice and Financial Coaching

Investment Advice and Financial Coaching

Helping our employees secure their financial future is important to us. Therefore, RIT offers Investment Advice and Financial Coaching for RIT employees through CAPTRUST, one of the largest retirement plan consulting firms in the country.

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CAPTRUST provides employees with professional, confidential and independent investment advice and financial coaching at no cost to you. The CAPTRUST counselors are available to meet with you individually by phone or via the web and your spouse/partner is welcome to join the appointment as well. CAPTRUST will not try to sell you any products or services.

CAPTRUST can assist you with decisions related to the RIT Retirement Savings Plan:

  • Deciding how much you should contribute to the retirement plan

  • Provide advice on your investment fund choices to help you maximize your long-term investment objectives while taking into account your risk tolerance

  • Determining the difference between pretax and Roth contributions and which contribution type is best for you

  • Understanding the differences between Fidelity and TIAA and which recordkeeper is best for you

  • Understanding the differences between TIAA’s legacy investments (pre-2012) and current investments and if migration is right for you

  • Understanding loans and distributions


The CAPTRUST counselors can also help you navigate other financial priorities such as

  • Creating a budget

  • Creating a financial plan

  • Debt and credit issues

  • College savings


Fidelity and TIAA 

CAPTRUST is not replacing our retirement plan recordkeepers. Fidelity and TIAA remain the recordkeepers for the RIT Retirement Savings Plan. You can still use their services and online tools and calculators.  Fidelity continues to be the master administrator for the plan so you would continue to contact Fidelity for the following changes.  You will find helpful instructions on the HR website.


Contact your recordkeeper (Fidelity and/or TIAA) for the following:

  • Changing your investment elections (instructions)

  • Updating beneficiary designations (instructions) and other personal information

  • Obtaining plan highlights, personal performance, and statements

                   Phone: 800.343.0860

                    Phone: 800.842.2776

Make an Appointment with CAPTRUST

Schedule your appointment today: visit the CAPTRUST website or call 800-967-9948.


Preparing for your Appointment

Please have your Fidelity and/or TIAA account login information, a recent copy of your account statement, a current paystub, and any other financial records you would like to review with the counselor during your appointment.

When you meet with CAPTRUST, the first step is to work with them to create a Retirement Blueprint™, a comprehensive planning tool tailored to your individual needs. The CAPTRUST Counselor will guide you through the decision-making process and provide you with individual advice such as to how much you need to save, how to invest your retirement assets and how to integrate your information alongside your spouse/partner’s accounts and/or other investments.


CAPTRUST has been helping people successfully plan for retirement and optimize their employer-sponsored retirement plan benefits for more than thirty years. Learn more about CAPTRUST >

CAPTRUST provides investment advice to the RIT Retirement Savings Plan Investment Committee and plan participants.