Rules & Regulations


Informative message

New RIT Service Center (RSC)
Contact the RIT Service Center at 585-475-5000 or with all questions related to Parking and Transportation as of October 14, 2020.

Walk, ride a bike or take the bus

Go Green RIT…The RIT campus is pedestrian friendly, so choose to walk! We have many bike parking amenities and bike routes. Campus shuttle services are free to university members. Campus shuttles provide service to on campus academic, housing and commercial/restaurant areas. Check out the latest bus schedules.


Read the Parking Notifications

The Parking Office sends out notifications related to service updates, registration and permit sales, special events and lot closures via the RIT Message Center. Make sure you have opted in to receive direct emails from the myRIT Message Center. Another option is to check the parking website for news.


Evening & Weekends

From 5 pm to 5 am Monday - Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday you do not need a permit for Reserve, General, ParkMobile, and Residential parking. All admin, handicap, fire lanes, and EV parking areas are still enforced. Uniform parking is always enforced (you must park between the yellow lines).  


Register your vehicle

If you are attending or working at the university, you must obtain a permit for your vehicle from the Parking Office. Use our online services "myParking Account" for university members with computer accounts or download the Vehicle Registration form and send it to the Parking Office.


Find your lot

Park only in lots where your permit is valid; if you are unsure refer to Where May I Park and the get acquainted with where the lots are located using the Campus Map.

Stay inside the lines

Always make sure your vehicle is parked inside—not on or over—the yellow lines designating a legal parking space. Any other paved area is considered a road or fire lane. Parking is only permitted in clearly defined spaces.


Pay or appeal

You have 10 days to pay or appeal your parking citation. Failure to do so will result in the fine being deemed valid and payable.