Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations and Restrictions

Parking and Transportation Services enact and enforce university parking regulations on campus. These rules and regulations are in effect at all times and are intended to promote order and ease of movement for pedestrians and vehicles and to safeguard people and RIT property. All drivers on the RIT campus must be aware of these regulations. Failure to know these rules and regulations is not an excuse for violation. RIT parking and traffic regulations may be revised at any time.

  • Parking is not allowed in any place that is not specifically striped or signed for parking.
  • Parking is not allowed on any campus roadway (fire lane).
  • All parking areas are striped.
  • All vehicles must be parked within lined parking spaces.
  • The Institute is under no obligation to mark or sign all areas where parking is prohibited. It is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to park in accordance with the regulations. Lack of signs does not imply lack of enforcement.
  • Unauthorized vehicles may not be parked in areas that are restricted by signs for special purposes.
  • Lack of available space in a desired area is not a valid excuse for violating parking regulations.
  • RIT assumes no financial liability for thefts from, or damage to vehicles operated or parked on RIT property.
  • The Parking Office may restrict or otherwise control as necessary, the use of parking spaces or lots for RIT needs and special events.
  • Snow removal operations require that members of RIT and their guests cooperate by moving their vehicles from unplowed areas. Vehicles hindering snow removal may be towed at the owner/operator's expense.
  • Do not park in the grass or outside edge of the parking lots.


The university does not allow any overnight sleeping or camping in a vehicle on campus or any affiliated property of the university, whether it be a personal vehicle or recreational vehlcle.  If assistance is needed in regards to food, shelter or general wellness, please contact RIT Case Management at or call them at 585-475-3963.

Restrictions are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless otherwise noted. Unauthorized vehicles parked in any of the following are subject to being ticketed and/or towed at the owner/operator's expense.

Anyone may use 20-minute flasher spaces anytime. Flashers must be on, and vehicle must be moved within 20 minutes.

Only those who display the appropriate permit may park in:

  • Handicapped
  • Short Term
  • Visitor
  • Reserved

No one may ever park in:

  • Fire lanes
  • Roadways
  • Areas not striped for parking
  • Areas signed for other purposes


Administration Lot and Admin Spaces

  • The Administration Lot and all signed Admin spaces are reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for paid permit holders.
  • When there is no attendant at the Visitor Information Center, the Admin lot, at building 1, is closed.
  • Only vehicles displaying a current Admin permit may use these spaces.
  • Handicapped spaces in the Admin Lot are reserved for authorized guests of the University.
  • Multi-Lot and Gannett reserved permits are not valid in the Administration Lot or any admin space.
  • Loading or unloading of any vehicle, or use of the Administration Circle area, is permitted only with consent of the Parking Office or the Visitor Information Center.



  • Parking at Colony Manor, Perkins Green, Riverknoll, University Commons, and Greek Housing at Riverknoll is reserved for residents only.
  • Legitimate residents of each complex are identified by the permit issued at vehicle registration.
  • The permit is valid only in the apartment complex named on it. A resident of one complex is a visitor at any other apartment complex and must park in the apartment's visitor parking.
  • A permit is not required for these visitor spaces.
  • Overflow parking is as follows:
    • Perkins Green: K-Lot
    • Colony Manor: A-Lot
    • Riverknoll/Greek Housing: Global Village Parking Lot (north side of Kimball Drive)
  • Any vehicle that does not display the sticker for that complex is subject to being ticketed and/or towed at the owner/operator's expense.
  • Any illegally parked vehicle, resident or visitor, is subject to being ticketed or towed at the owner/operator's expense.
  • Resident and guest parking regulations, fire lanes and roadway parking are consistently enforced.


Overnight Lot Closure

  • These lots include: Lots D, L, M, and Residence Hall Circles.
  • They are closed every day between 1am - 5am including holidays, break weeks and weekends due to plowing operations.
  • Residence hall students and apartment residents may not park in these areas until after 5pm (Monday - Friday) and must be moved by 1am.
  • Vehicles that display a valid handicapped permit are valid in these areas at any time.


Reserved Areas

  • Areas in Lot D, E, F, J, M, R, S, U, CIMS West, SAU service, Grace Watson Lot, Kate Gleason Circle, and Sol Heumann Circle are reserved and restricted by signs from 5am - 5pm, Monday - Friday for those who purchase and display the appropriate permit.
  • Reserved areas are open for general parking after 5pm weekdays, anytime on weekends, or whenever the signs are covered by the Parking Office with green canvas bags.
  • Gannett (formerly 7B) and all areas or spaces marked with Admin signs are reserved for paid permit holders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Multi Lot (E, F, J, M, S only) and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Gannett permits are valid in all reserved areas except Admin spaces.


Walkways, Brick Surfaces, Dumpster Areas

  • Operation of motor vehicles in areas not specifically designated as campus roadways or parking lots is prohibited. Parking lot speed is 5 mph.
  • Only authorized emergency vehicles, RIT vehicles, or authorized service vehicles are allowed within the residence and academic quads, inner courtyards, walkways or breezeways.
  • Parking or driving in these areas is permitted only by authorization of the Parking Office or Public Safety.
  • Vehicles may not be parked in such a way that obstructs or inhibits refuse collection at a dumpster site or in loading docks.


Refer to the Campus Map for parking lot locations.

20-minute parking spaces
These spaces are available throughout campus and available to anyone at anytime. Flashers must be on and the parking time is limited to 20 minutes. These spaces can be found in Lots: D, F, J, L, M, Grace Watson Circle, Nathaniel Rochester Circle, Student Health Center, and LBJ Circle.

Fire Lane
Any roadway, walkway, driveway or pavement not specifically marked for parking. No vehicle parking is permitted at any time. A licensed driver must remain with the vehicle standing in a fire lane with the vehicle's flashers on.

Handicapped spaces
Provided on campus per ADA requirements. A valid state handicapped permit must be displayed when parked on campus in a handicapped space. In addition to the handicapped permit, RIT students, faculty and staff must also ensure that their vehicles are properly registered with the Parking Office. More information is available related to Parking for People with Disabilities on campus.

Loading Docks
Loading docks are to be used for all loading and unloading. Flashers must be on. Vehicles must be moved immediately after loading or unloading. The use of unmarked areas for loading/unloading requires Parking Office approval and my require a pass. Illegally parked vehicles will be cited for being in a fire lane.

Residence Halls Circles
Roadway and parking lots adjacent to residence halls: Grace Watson (Building 25), Sol Heumann (Building 47), Nathaniel Rochester (Building 43), and Kate Gleason (Building 35). Grace Watson, Sol Heumann and Kate Gleason circles are Reserved from 5am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. All circles are closed 1am through 5am, Monday through Sunday, due to plowing necessities.

Resident Lots
Primary users include resident students and visitors on the resident side of campus. Lots include B, C, K, Global Village, and on-campus apartment areas. See Apartments, Colony Manor, Perkins Green, Riverknoll, University commons and Greek Housing at Riverknoll for complete restrictions.

Restricted parking space
Parking spaces or areas that are designated by signs for specific purposes, such as Handicapped, Short-term, 20-minute, Visitor, Admin, or Reserved.

Short-Term parking spaces
Restricted to those issued and displaying a Short Term permit issued by the Parking Office. These spaces are intended for use by vendors providing a service to the RIT community. These spaces are not to be used by university members for short durations of time, see description of 20-Minute spaces.

Visitor parking spaces
These spaces in academic lots are for the sole use by visitors (non-RIT affiliates) to RIT. A day pass must be obtained at the Welcome Center or through the Parking Office. Visitors and guests of the Admissions Office can park in V-Lot and obtain a visitor pass at the Admissions Office (Building 77). Students, faculty and staff may not park in these areas during business hours.