Parking for People with Disabilities


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To obtain complete information about parking for people with disabilities go to the DMV brochure. The following provides a summary of the requirements to obtain these permits from the NYSDMV. Brief information on parking for people with disabilities at RIT is also included below.


Who is eligible for vehicle plates for disabled persons or a handicap permit for disabled persons?

The NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law defines the permanent disabilities that qualify. If you have a permanent disability that qualifies, you can get vehicle plates for handicap parking from the DMV or a handicap permit from your local government. It is illegal to park in a handicap space reserved for persons with disabilities if you do not have the correct vehicle plates or handicap permit. You can use the vehicle plates or handicap permit in New York State and in most other states.

How do I get a parking permit for disabled persons?

You and your healthcare provider can complete the application. You also can have your healthcare provider (MD, DO, DPM, or NP) complete a statement on their letterhead. The statement must describe the disabling condition and verify that the disability qualifies according to the law. Bring the form or statement to the issuing agency in your locality (normally the office of your city clerk, town clerk or village clerk). There is no fee for a permit. Remember that the DMV does not issue the parking permits.

How do I get vehicle plates for the disabled?

Bring the proof of your disability (or the statement from your healthcare provider) and current vehicle plates to any DMV office. Bring your proof of identity. Complete the application form, pay $18.00, and surrender your current vehicle plates. Remove frames and fasteners before you surrender a vehicle plate or vehicle plates. The DMV office will not accept a vehicle plate with a frame or any fasteners attached. Vehicle plates for disabled persons are issued only for vehicles registered in the name of the disabled person. Each disabled person can have one set of vehicle plates.

What if I only need a temporary handicap permit at RIT for a short time?

The Parking Office does issue temporary handicapped permits for a maximum duration of one week until an official permit is obtained from a local municipality. The RIT issued permits are only valid on RIT properties. To apply, fill out the RIT "Handicapped Parking Permit" application form and forward it to the Parking Office for approval. Once the application is approved, the permit will be mailed or other arrangements will be made for pick up at the Parking Office.

How is the number of handicap parking spaces for disabled persons determined at RIT?

Municipalities do not have control over the assignment of handicap parking spaces in private parking lots. RIT follows and exceeds the ADA requirements for handicap parking.

Misuse of Parking Permits or Plates

It is a serious misuse of license plates and handicap permits for the disabled when someone other that the person with a disability uses the plates or permit to park in a space reserved for people with disabilities. These license plates or handicap permits are valid only when the person with a disability who received the plates or permit is driving the vehicle or is a passenger in it. If you misuse plates or a handicap permit or allow someone else to use them, the DMV may revoke the license plates or the locality that issued the permit may revoke the handicap permit, or they may deny renewal.


Proper Use of Valid Permits or License Plates

Any vehicle that has a license plate or valid handicap parking permit displaying the International Symbol of Access may use parking spaces designated for use by a person with a disability. The person to whom the license plate or permit was issued must be traveling in the vehicle in order to use these spaces.Plates and permits do not allow you to disobey RIT parking regulations. They also do not exempt you from parking fees. The fine for illegally parking in a handicap space for people with disabilities at RIT is $50.


Visiting from Out of State Or Traveling Outside New York State

New York State and RIT honors out-of-state plates and out-of-state handicap permits for people with disabilities. If you travel to another state, check with the police or motor vehicle agency of the other state about whether they honor New York State issued license plates or handicap permits for people with disabilities.