Parking Lot Closures

Below is a list of on campus events that require parking lots or sections of parking lots to be closed. More information will be forthcoming via the RIT Message Center as these events draw near. If you are unable to receive Message Center emails and want more information, please contact Operations & Special Events Parking Manager Adam Petzold.

We realize that it is an inconvenience and we appreciate your patience during these closures. Save yourself a headache and plan your trip accordingly!


October 17
NTID Career Fair
L-Lot (North half)
October 19
BCH President's Ball
D-Lot General
October 26
Entrepreneurs Conference
October 30
MAGIC Grand Opening
E-Lot (Visitor)/Part of G-Lot
November 1 - 2
IBM Event
South Bay of GV-Lot
November 8 - 9
Board of Trustees
Half of T-Lot
November 12
Veteran's Day
Half of D-Lot General